Commonwealth: Water for All

Exhibition Organized by Josh McPhee

Increasingly throughout the world, water is becoming a privatised commodity. This creates unequal access to clean water, where scarcity renders visible the substance’s basic vitality to all living things. From wars over water that have taken place throughout Latin America for the past two decades, to the recent privatization of public water in American cities like Flint and Detroit, the effects of fragmented and shortsighted perspectives on water management are stark. Viewing water as an entity for commercial gain destroys a fundamental balance of life. I was invited by Josh McPhee from the Interference Archive in New York to contribute with a poster for this exhibition. Highlighting the urgency of this issue, a poster production project ran concurrently with the exhibition, with designs addressing related issues printed in editions of 500 on a Risograph machine. Social movements have a history of using and altering developing technology to rejuvenate traditional methods of cultural production and communication tools. By abandoning the concept of an “original work,” the art has become part of multiple, alternative value systems.

More information here: Commonwealth: Water for All

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